La Matriarca (2022)

In the Fall of 2021, I was chosen to be 1 of 2 Library Artists in Residence at the Bard Graduate Center in New York’s Upper West Side. My year long residency involved using the library’s resources to research any topic of my choosing in service of creating a body of work for exhibition at the library. My project, La Matriarca (The Matriarch), begun with my love and admiration for my grandmother, Cristina Jimenez. A woman who sacrificed a cozy life in the Dominican Republic to bring me and my family to the United States. Our emigration and subsequent assimilation led to very little knowledge of my home country, its extensive past and the loss of a valuable trade. At the Bard Graduate Center I was given the time, space and support to learn my history, learn how to sew and reclaim parts of my ancestral past that I thought I’d lost forever.

A heartfelt and special thank you to: Heather Topcik, Anna Helgeson, Jazmine Catasús, Jesse Mineo, Isabel Jimenez, every single Arawak native that preserved the island of Quisqueya, and most of all mi mamá Cristina Jimenez por todos sus sacrificios.

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